Prins van Oranje offers full service in the field of maintenance and repair


Prins van Oranje offers full service in the field of maintenance, refit and repair. Our certified professionals are aware of the latest developments and techniques. You can rely on the most efficient solution for your maintenance- or repair issue.

Advantages of maintenance and repair of your ship:

  • by carrying out regular maintenance you reduce the risk of problems and you can enjoy a carefree season on the water.
  • you extend the life of your ship
  • it is better protected against the various weather influences (wind, rain, hail) and natural elements (sun, salt, frost)
  • your ship retains a higher sales value

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  • ​Refit yachts
    Do you want to adapt your boat to the current standard or can your ship use a makeover? Prins van Oranje likes to think along with you to find a suitable solution.
  • Optical maintenance
    This includes cleaning your boat, polishing, applying anitfouling and/or cleaning the teak deck.
  • Technical maintenance
    An engine service, adjustments or additions of electrical components (e.g. placing inverters, stern thruster) are covered by technical maintenance.
  • Repair, cleaning and new tents
    This gives your boat the desired appearance and offers protection against the various weather influences and natural elements.
  • New cushions, cleaning upholstery and reupholstering
    Can give your boat a new look and reduce the chance of unnecessary repairs by repairing parts in a timely manner.
  • Spray, paint and varnish work
    Give you boat the protection that extends the life of your ship. A different color can give you ship a fresh, new look. By carrying out repairs you can prevent unnecessary damage to your ship.
  • Berths and winter storage
    Prins van Oranje has an insulated and heated hall. This protects your ship against all adverse weather influences. Our certified professionals carry out all lifting, incline and internal transport work for you. The underwater hull is hosed, the hull is washed and a global maintenance check is carried out.
  • Yacht transport
    We have our own transport service. Are you unable to sail your ship to Heeg, Friesland yourself? Prins van Oranje can fully take care of the transport of your ship, both by road and over water.

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