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Prins van Oranje
The Prins van Oranje Groep has many years of experience in the water sports sector, both in yacht brokerage, yacht construction and in the development of marinas and water sports related real estate. Prins van Oranje is developer of Rapsody Yachts, AquaVive Boats, Heech Staete, Haven Resort Heeg and Venegy Yachts.
Rapsody Yachts
Rapsody Yachts has grown into a reputable player in the international word of luxurious motor yachts. The brand combines the very best features of historic and modern classics and is characterized by her elegance, speed and class. Top-grade materials and powerful engines are the key elements.
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Venegy Yachts
Venegy Yachts is known for her exclusive range of yachts that is characterized by ultimate comfort and fantastic sailing performances. The yachts offer unadulterated class, on every level. High-quality materials and the latest technologies guarantee an unique sailing experience.
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Heech Staete
The project Heech Staete has been developed in the middle of the Frisian Lake District. Luxurious and energy-neutral farms have been built on in total 20 ha for working, living & recreating by the water. Heech Staete is an unique project that perfectly combines working, living and passion for water sports.
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AquaVive Boats
The AquaVive is a houseboat that combines the luxury of a holiday house with the mobility and freedom of a ship. An unique new concept for a sustainable stay on and by the water. The AquaVive is not meant as a cruiser; it is meant to sail to wonderful locations for a different horizon.
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Haven Resort Heeg
Haven Resort Heeg is situated at the Heeger Lake and offers exclusive ports with (covered) mooring places. In addition, the resort has developed a series of luxurious and well-ventilated ship houses and studios.
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