Terms and Conditions

Prins van Oranje uses the NBMS general terms and conditions brokerage activities in the purchase/sale of vessels. These general terms and conditions have been laid down by the ‘Dutch Association of Shipbrokers’ (Nederlandse Bond van Makelaars in Schepen, NBMS) and filed at the court registry of the court in Amsterdam on 13/04/2017 under number 28/2017 in Dutch. The terms and conditions came into force on 15/03/2017.

Download the NBMS - General terms and conditions

Download the HISWA - General terms and conditions Contract, Sale and Delivery

Download the HISWA - General terms and conditions Hire of Mooring and Storage Places

Download the HISWA - General terms and conditions Intermediary Services Concerning Vessels



Prins van Oranje has a team of EMCI (European Maritime Certification Institute) certified and sworn brokers and appraisers who are members of the NBMS (the Dutch Association of shipbrokers) and have much experience in sales- and purchase support.

Prins van Oranje is a member of the HISWA. The HISWA Association is the entrepreneurs' organization in The Netherlands that stands up for the interests of entrepreneurs and its consumers in yacht building and water sports.