A valuation report for each type of ship


Appraisals can be carried out for various reasons. For purchase or sales of pleasure yachts, financing purposes, insurance or for example for a partition of joint property, inheritance or bankruptcy. Our certified appraisers can provide a valuation report for every situation and every yacht.

You can contact our certified appraisers at any time. We are happy to inform you about the possibilities that Prins van Oranje has to offer.

How does an appraisal work?

  • Expert: one of our experts will come to your boat to value it. We are affiliated with the EMCI (European Maritime Certification Institute) and the HISWA (Dutch Association for Trade and Industry in the field of Shipbuilding and Watersports). These are independent certification organizations.
  • Valuation: for the valuation we look at the type of ship, the yard and the age. Furthermore, the equipment of the boat is checked and the general and technical condition of maintenance is examined.
  • Valuation report: after carrying out the valuation you will receive a valuation report. In this report you will find a description of the ship, supplemented with a few overview photos, the description of the market position, an opinion on the state/condition of the ship and the current and liquidation value.
  • Costs: the costs of a valuation are approximately € 450,- but depend on the type of ship, dimensions and equipment.


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