A familiar and professional address for national and international water sports enthusiasts

Yacht Brokerage

Prins van Oranje is an international yacht broker from Friesland, The Netherlands specialized in sales- and purchase support of high-quality yachts. We offer an attractive and full-service package, from maintenance, appraisal and transport to inspection, mediation and sales. Reliable, involved and customer-oriented are our core values.

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Prins van Oranje offers also mooring places and ship houses in various locations in Friesland, The Netherlands.


Our Pillars

  • More than 50 years of knowledge and experience
    Offers you the certainty of expert advice and a trusted address within the water sports industry.
  • Certified and experienced yacht brokers and appraisers
    Our yacht brokers and appraisers have been around for years and have a lot of knowledge and skills.

  • Fully equipped sales terrain and spacious (3.000 m2) showroom
    Your ship will always have a nice place in our showroom or in our sales harbor. Your yacht will be kept clean, tidy and ready for sale during the sales period.

  • Extensive database with nationally- and internationally registered customers
    We offer various sales channels through which we approach and reach a wide audience. Our customer base (national and international) also offers many opportunities to accelerate sales.

  • Full service in the field of maintenance, refit and repair
    Our professionals from the Yachtservice ensure that your ship is ready for the new season so you can fully enjoy your ship.

  • No cure, no pay
    If we have not reached a sales result due to circumstances, you can withdraw it from the sale at no cost.